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«Vincenzo Pizza & Grill» находится по адресу: 35J8+FWJ Vincenzo Pizza & Grill - 2 Maeen 1 - The Lakes - Dubai - United Arab Emirates , Аль Барша. По состоянию на 2024-07-15 11:30:53 «Vincenzo Pizza & Grill» занимает 183 место в Пиццерии Дубая. Посмотреть все награды и статусы Дубая 2024.

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Телефон: +971525145614
Адрес: 35J8+FWJ Vincenzo Pizza & Grill - 2 Maeen 1 - The Lakes - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Аль Барша
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: Closed
Friday: Closed
Saturday: 7 PM–12 AM
Sunday: 7 PM–12 AM
Monday: Closed


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Amico d’infanzia rit...
Amico d’infanzia ritrovato in questa fantastica pizza & grill restaurant! Consigliatissimo
Полезный отзыв?
ЛУЧШАЯ ПИЦЦА В ДУБАЕ!!! Если вы мечтаете о личном подходе, знакомстве с шефом Винченцо и семейной атмосфере - это место для вас. У Винченцо нет меню, потому что он готовит то, что выращивает у себя в саду, так что блюда зависят от сезонности. Фантастический выбор вин из Италии. Теплая атмосфера, возможность перенестись на Сицилию на один вечер. Высшие рекомендации и благодарность за лучший вечер в Дубае. VINCENZO PIZZA & GRILL ONE LOVE! P.S. Очень часто тяжело дозвониться, поэтому советую приезжать без бронирования - Винченцо никогда не откажет вам.
Полезный отзыв?
To good to be true!...
To good to be true! The place is fake and does not exist, the telephone number goes to a private person! Disapointing!!
Полезный отзыв?
We went for a birthd...
We went for a birthday dinner here, it’s a bit exclusive so it was hard to get a table as they don’t really pick up the phone often but if you’re lucky enough to book a table it’s definitely the new hot spot for real Italian pizza in Dubai and the traditional decor is breathtakingly beautiful, especially the authentic candle holders which were made from old Italian wine bottles.
Полезный отзыв?
Amazing place amazin...
Amazing place amazing vibe amazing pizza! Just love Vincenzo and his family, the most authentic Italian pizza in Dubai. Good luck for the new adventure!
Полезный отзыв?
I was lucky enough t...
I was lucky enough to join Vincenzo and guests at the opening night and the esteemed Roman / Sicilian pizzaiolo didn't disappoint. Bringing his unique style to the menu, this is a venue the Dubai scene has been waiting for... I will be back!
Полезный отзыв?
We got to know Vince...
We got to know Vincenzo Pizza and Grill thanks to some friends and I we were not disappointed. Pizza was outstanding, ingredients are very fresh, flavours are authentic and since the first bite you really feel like in Italy. I would suggest to go for the signature Margherita but also the provola and pomodorini is a must try. Can’t wait to try the meat as well. I can say this is the place Dubai was waiting for since long time. Well done Vincenzo!
Полезный отзыв?
A truly delicious me...
A truly delicious meal, and great party atmosphere. I asked for a photo with Vincenzo himself - and he let me!! Wow what an evening!!
Полезный отзыв?
I was initially skep...
I was initially skeptic about the location but I quickly changed my mind when the lovely hostess Greta welcomed us to the family owned traditional Italian eatery. There weren’t many clients so we were lucky to have the full attention of chef Vincenzo who delighted us with his stories and culinary experience! We tried the Margherita and we can definitely say it was the best pizza we had in Dubai! We will be back dear Vincenzo and Greta ( every Friday )
Полезный отзыв?
This place literally...
This place literally does not exists. If you call them, a private individual answers the phones claiming they’re not a pizzeria. If you visit, you end up in the middle of nowhere, with only private homes on sight. Wasted a trip for nothing, and left wondering why Google allows these scam listings or what is even the point (is it a fake restaurant operating illegally? Or just a joke?): don’t waste your time.
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