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Founded in 1961, The Indian High School is the first and longest-standing Indian education institution in the Gulf.
Founded in 1961, IHS is the first and longest-standing Indian educational institution in the Gulf. Established ten years before the founding of the United Arab Emirates, our schools embody the cultures, values, and ethos of both India and the UAE, in our learning and teaching. Our newly launched celebratory logo 60@50@2020 is a reflection of how closely we are connected with the UAE and its history.
For 60 years, we have offered an education that broadens perspectives, challenges minds, and engages hearts. We have a long, proud tradition of scholarly, artistic, and athletic excellence.
The inception of the institution was laid on the very belief of giving back to the community. Offering distinguished education at an affordable price for Indian expats in the UAE has been the foundation of our service. We are a not-for-profit school, run by a Board of Trustees, who provide us with the means to continue our service and inspires us to transcend in what we do.
Studying isn’t the only thing our students do on the campus. At IHS, every day is evolving, exhilarating, and equipping in its own unique way. Our students learn from top-rated teachers, play on their favourite sports teams, take part in a variety of clubs, and undergo leadership trainings!
IHS accepts, understands, and attends to student differences and diversity. We believe that students with disabilities are as fundamentally competent as students without disabilities. Our teachers improvise classroom teaching techniques to actively involve all students.
IHS provides a secure and nurturing school environment that transforms students into future leaders and problem solvers who can adapt to environmental sustainability and social change. IHS builds upon in every student a habit to give back to nature every day and in every way possible.
Happiness matters and we firmly believe that our students achieve excellent results in all that they do because they are happy at school. IHS makes special efforts to contribute to the happiness and wellbeing of its students. Instilling positive psychology, emotional resilience, and self-efficacy is quintessential to IHS.
We are a global-ready institution! We follow a sequential, exploratory, mixed methods design to operationalize and validate our teaching for global readiness. Our graduates can investigate the world, weigh perspectives, interact with diverse audiences, and take action.
All aspirants look up to a leader, a visionary, and a mentor who can make magic from the mundane, and envision success for every member of the IHS family.
We go above and beyond the realms of a traditional classroom. Our expert educators believe in unleashing the dynamism that is within each one of our students. Together we hone the skills, confidence, and character that will help our students thrive as global citizens.
IHS will forever be grateful for the love and trust our student and parent community puts in us. We are steadfast in our service, and our commitments to both our students and the Indian diaspora.
IHS is a family united by traditions, values, responsibilities, and a humanitarian spirit. We celebrate life as one community.
It is because of the members of the IHS family that we have achieved a leading position in the education community. We are proud of our success and look forward to continuing to grow together.
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«The Indian High School» located: The Indian High School - Oud Metha Rd - Oud Metha - Dubai - United Arab Emirates , Бур Дубай. Website школы ihsdubai.org . As of 2024-04-24 22:30:38 «The Indian High School» takes 332 place in Schools Dubai. See awards and statuses Dubai 2024.

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Phone: +97143377475
Address: The Indian High School - Oud Metha Rd - Oud Metha - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Бур Дубай
Tuesday: 7 AM–4 PM
Wednesday: 7 AM–4 PM
Thursday: 7 AM–4 PM
Friday: 7–11 AM
Saturday: Closed
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Monday: 7 AM–4 PM


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