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В рейтинге лучших пиццерий Oregano - Dubai Media City занимает 182 место. В округе Аль Барша 42 место.
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«Oregano - Dubai Media City» located: Oregano - Dubai Media City, Office Park Building - Al Sufouh - Al Sufouh 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates , Аль Барша. Website пиццерии oreganorestaurants.com . As of 2024-07-15 12:40:21 «Oregano - Dubai Media City» takes 182 place in Pizzerias Dubai. See awards and statuses Dubai 2024.

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Phone: +97144343010
Address: Oregano - Dubai Media City, Office Park Building - Al Sufouh - Al Sufouh 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Аль Барша
Tuesday: 11 AM–12 AM
Wednesday: 11 AM–12 AM
Thursday: 11 AM–12 AM
Friday: 11 AM–12 AM
Saturday: 11 AM–12 AM
Sunday: 11 AM–12 AM
Monday: 11 AM–12 AM


Reviews to Oregano - Dubai Media City

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A good place with go...
A good place with good food, i love going there in the weekend (they have 50% off) you get the large pizza in the photos for around 30 dhs in the weekend, the staff is welcoming and the place is clean and cozy, the food quality is good i believe they use fresh ingredients. I didn't love only few dishes (the reason for the 4 starts instead of the 5)
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I used to LOVE orega...
I used to LOVE oregano back in the days, have to say the quality has dropped a bit.. The staff are really sweet and helpful. I asked them for the gluten/ dairy free options and they gave me some pasta and pizza options. So i went for gluten free pasta with shrimps. My husband ordered lasagna and said it was okay.. not the best though. Couldnt have any of the starters unfortunately because none are gluten/ dairy free.
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Lunch with a group o...
Lunch with a group of six, with no reservation and it worked out fine. Great service, good quality and tasty food. Very nice varied menu for an Italian restaurant. Rustic and casual decor. Fair priced and very large portions.. probably better to share than order individually. Meals had included - Goat cheese salad, Grilled chicken parmesan, Goat cheese pizza, Salmon Risotto.. and everyone was happy.
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It is a great place...
It is a great place with great food to hang out with friends.
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Nice outdoor sitting...
Nice outdoor sitting area with warm and welcoming staff. Ordered the truffle pizza and the blackened chicken with fettuccine. Both were lip smackingly delicious. Many thanks to the staff Jumille for her warm hospitality
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Oregano is one of th...
Oregano is one of the finest place I have eaten at. They serve healthy, delicious and authentic food with a wide variety of options. We ordered raviolli and pizza and both things tasted amazing. Would highly recommend to try this place for all the food lovers. Their ambiance is lovely as well.
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Oregano the name its...
Oregano the name itself states italian herb. Located in office park building and nearby parking space is available too. Huge menu options available for kids too. Complimentary food was warm and served with tomato dip and olive dip which was yummy. Ice tea and Americano was ok . Spicy BBQ half and supremo pizza half , they have an option of half and half pizza which shows they are customer friendly and modifys as per customer needs . Crostini chicken with linguine the yum. The chicken breast were loaded with breadcrumbs and herb with a alfredo sauce pasta . The combination were great . But the chicken breast were bit over cooked . Overall they have rustic italian touch with outdoor seating. Friendly staff. Recommended for all italian food lover and pizza love .
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I visited this resta...
I visited this restaurant after seeing the reviews which were good but it turned out to be a disappointment. As a welcome dish we were served with some bread, tomato salsa and olives, the bread was hard like it was not fresh. We then ordered A lasagna and mushroom ravioli both of them were a huge disappointment. The lasagna was tasteless and not cooked properly, it tasted so bad that we left half and the ravioli had a weird smell as well as taste. A huge disappointment, never going back again.
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I'm a regular custom...
I'm a regular customer of Oregano online, for many years. The delivery is ALLWAYS LATE. Customer Service assures they will improve for the next time but the next time is allways late again. This time was particularly serious. The customer service assured me the driver was arriving but the driver was very far away, the employee was clearly lying. It also assured me, the pizza would arrive in conditions but it arrived cold. Oregano employees are lying to customers. This service is unacceptable. Order ID 19436971: we have waited more than 1 hour for the delivery. My family was very hungry. The food arrived cold, not possible to eat. We have returned the food back. It's late in the evening and my family didn't add dinner because Oregano delays. We don't trust Oregano anymore.
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The complimentary st...
The complimentary starter served is such a brilliant idea to welcome the customer, make them interested in the place more and more as they feel special. You know how everyone loves a surprise gift now and then and complimentary starters are a perfect fit for it! The starter consisted of pastry bread served with tomato and olive sauces. The tomato sauce feels like fresh tomato juice that has some thickness to it. While the olive sauce consists of olive oil and crushed olive mixture. The Spinach Ravioli seems interesting also. Visually it feels like a green bonbon stuffed with boiled spinach mix and soaked in the sauce mix that has a very interesting flavor profile to it. The Chicken Risotto, at its arrival moment, brought my memory of boiling chicken indomi on the stove with its little spices pack. That I wondered for a second, do the indomi company take the risotto scent and make out of it their chicken spice to attract customers into purchasing their Indomi pack or what? About the taste, we got weirded out at first then fell totally in love with it. So according to our on and all observations, Ravioli can be LOVED by many people nonetheless with Risotto there's either a chance that you might like/dislike the dish. ❌ Update ❌: The pizza flavor, texture, and how unappetizing whether in taste or smell reduced our previous 5-stars review to 2 stars! When we smelled and tasted the pizza, we were about to vomit! Considering that this is an "Italian restaurant", this made us have sky-rocketing high expectations in their Pizza 🍕 which made us order 2 of their Pizzas in the size large that became our biggest regret! The pizzas that we ordered are large Davioli and large Suprema. The biggest question is... "How can an Italian restaurant" serve such horrific flavored and scented pizza like this? Even a fast-food chain such as Pizza Hut can serve us proper pizza more than this. This kind of pizza served at this Oregano restaurant is the kind of unedible pizza that you eat then land up yourself in the hospital due to di
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