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В рейтинге лучших колледжей Dubai International Academy - Emirates Hills занимает 62 место. В округе Аль Барша 7 место.
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International private school in the Emirates Hills of Dubai for Boys & Girls ages 3–18. We are a proud member of the Innoventures Education family.
Our expectations and standards are very high; we want our students to be exceptional. In a welcoming and caring environment, we provide a stimulating and engaging education and exceptional pastoral care designed to ensure students are happy and they have every chance to achieve their potential.
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We have had our two oldest daughters in DIA since 2007 and then our third daughter joined as well and she is now in 3rd grade. Every year new activities, sports and events take place. It’s vibrant team of staff are charismatic and dedicated to work and meet the IB standards. Their learning experiences and efforts is shown on a daily basis towards the academic attainment of their students.
We have been part of the DIA family since 2010 when my son joined in KG 1, he is now in year 7 and my daughter is in year 4. I like to use the word ‘family’ as that’s what I feel DIA is all about. The enthusiastic staff are always welcoming and ensure their learning experiences and efforts not only meet the IB standards but also take each child’s learning needs into consideration. We strongly believe in the IB programme and are convinced that DIA is one of the best schools in the region to deliver it.
I joined DIA in August 2010 and my journey so far has been enlightening. When I joined, I was completely new to the IB and now I fully understand and appreciate the IB philosophy.
Since I was a student in kindergarten, DIA’s warm community has shaped me to become the hardworking, determined, approachable individual person I am today.
I have been with DIA for a long time now as part of the Science team. I am also part of the Competitive Sports program here at DIA as a Football, Athletics and Rounders’ coach.
Never stop improving yourself. It sounds quite vague and unimportant but it is true. Take it from me, when I first came to this school, it took me a while to understand what my teachers expected of me and how to make effective improvements to myself academically.
Having chartered many crews of students to multiple Math Olympiads across the world, I am always on the lookout for new avenues where my students can shine!
Throughout my high school career, DIA has provided me with a platform to balance my academics as well as my extra-curricular activities.
Maria and her family moved to Dubai in July 2017 to start the next chapter in their 20 year expat career. She oversees our Parent Association and supports other projects as well as attending Advisory Council meetings.
Your child can join us at any time if there is a place available in their year group. Explore each of the entry points to find out more about the registration process.

«Dubai International Academy - Emirates Hills» located: Dubai International Academy - Emirates Hills, School-MDB - شارع الخيل الأول - 1 Julnar Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates , Аль Барша. Website колледжа diadubai.com . As of 2024-07-15 11:26:32 «Dubai International Academy - Emirates Hills» takes 62 place in Colleges Dubai. See awards and statuses Dubai 2024.

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Phone: +97143684111
Address: Dubai International Academy - Emirates Hills, School-MDB - شارع الخيل الأول - 1 Julnar Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Аль Барша
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 7:30 AM–4 PM
Tuesday: 7:30 AM–4 PM
Wednesday: 7:30 AM–4 PM
Thursday: 7:30 AM–4 PM
Friday: 7:30 AM–12 PM
Saturday: Closed


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Smooth Experience
Dubai International Academy - Emirates Hills provides an exceptional academic environment. The faculty members are dedicated and inspiring, fostering a true love for learning. The school's state-of-the-art facilities create a dynamic atmosphere that encourages creativity and innovation. With its diverse student body, the college embraces cultural diversity and promotes global awareness. Overall, Dubai International Academy - Emirates Hills is a top-notch institution that prepares students for success in their future endeavors.
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How did they cheat e...
How did they cheat exactly? I'm a student in RIS
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It sucks don’t suppo...
It sucks don’t support dia to expensive and they confiscate phones, headphones, etc
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Amazing school with...
Amazing school with great facilities !
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An international pri...
An international private school in Emirates Hills area. Nice building and professional faculty.
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This school is very...
This school is very cheap. Furniture is from 2005 and the walls are falling apart. Cheap school and bad services
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It’s a really good s...
It’s a really good school, it teaches about such interesting stuff. This is the perfect school for children.
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Admin has serious is...
Admin has serious issues.
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School good teachers...
School good teachers but too many students for such little facilities. Could improve on faculty treatment and wages.
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A great school with...
A great school with strong principles and education.
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