Entertainment in Dubai for Ramadan

Dubai Culture announced the start of a series of diverse initiatives and public events in honor of Ramadan.

Dubai Culture will organize a series of events at its venues under the title "Ramadan Nights," with the first one scheduled at the Etihad Museum on March 15th and 16th, dedicated to the UAE's involvement in the development and construction of a lunar space station.

In collaboration with the Dubai Astronomy Group and Gulf Photo Plus, a series of entertaining shows and workshops will be held, allowing participants to explore the mysteries of space and planets using a mobile planetarium and observation stations with telescopes.

As part of the "Ramadan Nights," visitors to Al Shindagha Museum, the largest museum of UAE heritage, from March 22nd to 31st will have the opportunity to participate in various Ramadan-related activities. At the Traditional Crafts House, there will be a masterclass on traditional Arab clothing making and embroidery.

At the "Safeefa Rug Tufting" masterclass, participants will learn the technique of rug tufting using palm branches. The Perfume House will reveal secrets of making aromatic candles and eco-friendly methods of chimney decoration, as well as creating unique fragrances.

Interactive workshops will offer children the chance to create plaster crafts, learn henna application, craft traditional Emirati jewelry, and explore traditional games.

Additionally, family tours will be conducted in the historical houses of the Al Shindagha district accompanied by traditional folk songs and poetry. Dubai Culture, in collaboration with the "EmpowerHer" initiative, will organize a Ramadan market showcasing a wide range of products created by local talents.

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